Dr Amjad Mohamed-Saleem

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  • MEERU | Abrir Caminho

    MEERU | Abrir Caminho

    diálogo e proximidade — o testemunho de um mundo de muitos mundos, em casa.

  • Ziada Tokhi

    Ziada Tokhi

  • Alessandro Fedele

    Alessandro Fedele

  • Joe Valentino

    Joe Valentino

    Professional Community Worker, Humanitarian and Mental Health advocate with a passion for culture, people and community.

  • Ifzal Huzamdeen

    Ifzal Huzamdeen

  • Hajra Khan

    Hajra Khan

    African / Celt, Mother, writer, blogger,T.V presenter, researcher, teacher, designer, tailor, tinker,thinker!

  • Pawel Szydlowski

    Pawel Szydlowski

    Mobile Developer, R&D Engineer and Mathematician. Polish🇵🇱, lived in Ireland and Netherlands. Writing about technology, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle & news.

  • Brian Diah

    Brian Diah

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